Keep Your Customers Up-To-Date With These Magento 2 Extensions Trio

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Keep Your Customers Up-To-Date With These Magento 2 Extensions Trio

Posted By Ilana jack On Friday, 14 December 2018

One of the key features of running a successful store is supplying it with a stream of fresh content. Interesting news and events designed to attract customers, drive traffic, and to give Google’s search engine algorithms something to crawl.

To help you manage content like News, Events and FAQ for Magento store, we have developed three New Magento 2 Extensions:

Why you will love these extensions.

1) Advanced News

This Magento 2 Extension helps to display news on website for customer/viewers. This extension will create separate section for news, which will help your customers to get recent happenings in your online store. Store owner can display any type of news about store like all Stocks, Latest Blogs, Promotions, Latest Advertisements, New Policies, Achievements News, Special offers for products etc. and customers will always get updated with important notifications and News.

The extension lets you:

  • Display latest news in sidebar block
  • Usage of WYSIWYG-editor for simple news editing
  • Set News Limit in sidebar block
  • Responsive design for news page
  • Set news publish time
  • Ability to add image for each news article

2) Events Manager

This extension help store owner to display latest events to customers/visitors on their store. This extension will add ‘Our Events’ link in header/footer section. Customers can list and view the events details by clicking on the ‘our events’ link. This extension provides a way to present customers with updated events in the company. Events listing page displays list of all the events according to a date with all details like event title, description, events photos, event date etc.

This extension is facilitated with below mentioned features:

  • Display event title, description, events photos, event date etc.
  • Fully Responsive design
  • WYSIWYG-editor for events description
  • Display latest events in sidebar block
  • Display events photos in a popup
  • Set events limit in sidebar block

3) FAQ Manager

This extension will help store owner to manage FAQs related to products, service, payments etc. Customers have always lots of questions in mind before purchasing products and support person is not always available there to answer these questions. Do not lose them just because of some questions unanswered. This extension will allows store owner to add questions & answers and list them on frontside under particular category. This extension will not require any technical knowledge, store owner can set their own FAQ page with list of categories and questions with answers.

Here are the essential features of this extension:

  • Manage FAQ’s categories from backend
  • Fully Responsive design
  • Display FAQs using jQuery accordian on frontside
  • Display Most Frequently Asked Questions on sidebar
  • Set FAQ Limit in sidebar block
  • Display various tags for FAQ
  • Offers better customer’s communication

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Customers do not want to spend hours searching for the perfect solution to their queries. Many times, they only have a vague idea of what it is that they actually want. It is up to store owner to provide them with the options they are looking for. By looking into the FAQs online customers can help themselves by getting answers to the questions they have in mind about your store without having to contact store owner.

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